FTP Connection

1. Type inetcpl.cpl in run comman

2. Advance Tab –> Enable Folder view for the ftp Sites & Use Passive FTP

3. Add New Network Place connection for access other network connection(Meaning accessing the folder from linux , unix, etc..)

ABORabort a file transfer
CWDchange working directory
DELEdelete a remote file
LISTlist remote files
MDTM – return the modification time of a file
MKDmake a remote directory
NLSTname list of remote directory
PASS – send password
PASV – enter passive mode
PORT – open a data port
PWDprint working directory
QUIT – terminate the connection
RETRretrieve a remote file
RMDremove a remote directory
RNFRrename from
RNTOrename to
SITEsite-specific commands
SIZE – return the size of a file
STORstore a file on the remote host
TYPE – set transfer type
USER – send username

Windows Folder Not Opening

Type the below command in the Command prompt, to solve folder not opening problem in the windows.

regsvr32 /i shell32.dll


Windows Regedit Enablement.


  1. execute gpedit.msc from run command.
  2. Navigate to administrator template.
  3. Then navigate to system folder.
  4. Then search for “Prevent access to Registry editing tools” in the right side.
  5. Open it and Select the option “Disabled”.




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